Gay Toilets

Hey there and welcome to Czech GAV. The best place to be, a place where you are going to find the hottest Czech amateurs in action. In today’s episode, we have some fun with a hidden camera in a pub. This is a gay pub, so some cameras in a bathroom seemed a pretty good idea. We were hoping to catch some action, well instead we got to see a lot of dicks. The cameras were very well hidden so the guys didn’t suspect a thing.

After seeing some really weird guys, we finally found one that was worth showing to you guys. We noticed him when he entered the pub with some friends, he was so hot so we had to keep our eyes on him. After a few beers, he went to the bathroom and then we got to see his dick. Unfortunately, he went in there all by himself, we were really waiting for some action from him, especially after the way he flirting with this other guy from his table. They were all over each other, but unfortunately, nothing happens in our bathroom. But they went home together so he got some action that night. This was today’s update but no worries we’ll keep you posted with the hottest updates starring the hottest Czech amateurs in the hottest scenes! See you next time with more, until then enjoy our latest update!

Watch here this guy peeing in a public bathroom!