Czech GAV Amateurs

Czech GAV brought you some amateurs this time. We pick the best from all the homemade videos we receive and this one caught our eye. We have two teens blowing and riding their dicks in a park close to their school. They couldn’t go home and do it so they found a nice quiet place around their campus. Being broke didn’t help them either so they had to be creative. The only mistake they made was that they thought that they are alone and unfortunately for them, they weren’t. The guys minded their own business when they heard someone in the bushes.

They panicked for a sec but it was one of their friends looking after them. Knowing that he wasn’t going to leave he asked him to record them. The guys continued with their little fuck fest and their friend recorded them sucking off one another’s dick and them fucking their asses. The video was so good, that they decided to send it over to us, to be featured on our page. They were right, they did a great job especially for two amateurs with extremely little experience. This was a juicy episode and we are sure that you guys are going to enjoy it as much as we did. Hopefully, this isn’t the last time we hear from them. Until next time make sure you check out the rest of our updates too. Enjoy it!

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