Czech GAV – Dirty Masseur

Another guy gets a really special treatment in this Czech gav episode. The dirty masseur found another hot guy to bang and he enjoyed every second of it. This guy didn’t know what he was getting into because his friends recommended him this place. He was kind of shy so they hoped that one of these massages would help him loosen up a bit. They made the reservations and just sent him there without telling him what really happens behind closed doors.

He got there, everyone was really nice to him, he was taken to one of the rooms. After a couple of minutes alone in the room, he saw this hot guy entering the room. He introduced himself and after telling him that he’s the masseur he asked him to undress in the cabin behind to proceed to the massage. This was the first time he ever got a full body massage and he is in the right hands. The masseur started with some scented oils to relax him and getting him used to his massage techniques but that didn’t last too long. He got a handful of gel and as he was massaging he went lower and lower until he got his big dick in his hand. The masseur gave him one of the best handjobs of his life and he was just getting started. See them in action in the scene below!

Watch here this guy getting drilled by his masseur!