Czech GAV Video Fantasy

Czech GAV brought one of the best videos from gay fantasy. Like we said before, this is a place where everything is possible and you can do whatever you want to. In the video below you get to see one of our guys banging some tight asses and filling them too. There are cameras all over the place so we have some amazing angles and close ups for you, fans. It also helped that we gave our guy a camera too, so he could record everything to give you guys a better look at what is actually happening there.

Once he got there he stayed in line to pay the entrance and right after the corner you could see all those fine asses waiting to get banged. From what we knew the guys getting banged are horny Czech amateurs. Our guy looked around and went to get his dick sucked first and after he got it all cleaned up he went to his first ass and started banging it. He had no mercy on him and could hear the guy inside moaning and trying really hard not to scream. They can’t say a word so this must’ve been really hard for him. The czechgav hunk got bored so he let the guy behind him take the amateur for a ride. After being there you wouldn’t need anything else!


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Czech GAV Video Amateurs

Today you are in for a treat because we have an amazing Czech gav video for all you guys. Like we said in the earlier posts we receive a lot of homemade videos and we had to share this one with you guys. These guys really went down on each other and after jerking off, sucking one another’s dick they ended up banging their asses too. What we like about these amateurs is that they love to experience all kind of things and they record everything. Our guys were living in the same house and after a couple of late night drinking marathons, they took it to the next level.

After fucking a couple of times they decided to record themselves too. They like to play with one another and living in the same house was certainly working out for them. They were the only two living there so this was perfect for them. This time one of them was surprised with a little visit during his shower. He saw his roommate all of a sudden enter in the shower with him and before he realized who he was, his hand was already on his dick. He was naked so his roommate gave him the best head and then took him to the bedroom to seal the deal. See them jerking off, blowing their dicks and drilling their asses in this hot video below. Enjoy it and make sure you get back for more steamy czechgav updates! We have so many juicy episodes to share!

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Czech GAV – Dirty Masseur

Another guy gets a really special treatment in this Czech gav episode. The dirty masseur found another hot guy to bang and he enjoyed every second of it. This guy didn’t know what he was getting into because his friends recommended him this place. He was kind of shy so they hoped that one of these massages would help him loosen up a bit. They made the reservations and just sent him there without telling him what really happens behind closed doors.

He got there, everyone was really nice to him, he was taken to one of the rooms. After a couple of minutes alone in the room, he saw this hot guy entering the room. He introduced himself and after telling him that he’s the masseur he asked him to undress in the cabin behind to proceed to the massage. This was the first time he ever got a full body massage and he is in the right hands. The masseur started with some scented oils to relax him and getting him used to his massage techniques but that didn’t last too long. He got a handful of gel and as he was massaging he went lower and lower until he got his big dick in his hand. The masseur gave him one of the best handjobs of his life and he was just getting started. See them in action in the scene below!

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Broke Gay Couple

We found another broke gay couple for this latest Czech gav episode. It wasn’t too hard to convince them to fuck for cash either. We caught them in the middle of a nasty fight in the supermarket. Everything started because one of them loves spending every dime they have and now they can’t afford to buy everything they need. They were speaking so loud that it was impossible not to hear them. we followed them around the store and we caught them counting their money several times. This turned out perfectly for us because now we know how to convince them. While they were at the register we offered to pay for them, because they didn’t have enough money to cover their total.

The guys were extremely thankful and insisted on paying us back, but we weren’t interested in their money. So we told the guys that have more money to spend for a good time if they are interested. Luckily for us, both guys were pretty open-minded so they didn’t seem bothered about our offer and accepted it. They took us to their place that was close to the store and right there in the middle of the lobby both of them got their asses hammered, but not before they did a hell of a job sucking our dicks. We took turns on fucking them because someone had to record everything, but we can honestly say you are not going to find anything like this anywhere else!

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Czech GAV Amateurs

Czech GAV brought you some amateurs this time. We pick the best from all the homemade videos we receive and this one caught our eye. We have two teens blowing and riding their dicks in a park close to their school. They couldn’t go home and do it so they found a nice quiet place around their campus. Being broke didn’t help them either so they had to be creative. The only mistake they made was that they thought that they are alone and unfortunately for them, they weren’t. The guys minded their own business when they heard someone in the bushes.

They panicked for a sec but it was one of their friends looking after them. Knowing that he wasn’t going to leave he asked him to record them. The guys continued with their little fuck fest and their friend recorded them sucking off one another’s dick and them fucking their asses. The video was so good, that they decided to send it over to us, to be featured on our page. They were right, they did a great job especially for two amateurs with extremely little experience. This was a juicy episode and we are sure that you guys are going to enjoy it as much as we did. Hopefully, this isn’t the last time we hear from them. Until next time make sure you check out the rest of our updates too. Enjoy it!

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Gay Solarium

Don’t you just love the guys that don’t have even the slightest idea that they are being recorded? This is also the case with these guys at the solarium. Then went there to get a tan and without knowing it everyone got to see their dicks. There is a little sign that mentions these cameras, but no one reads it, ever. There are two czechgav cameras in each room, one in the corner, to see them undress and the other one is inside. You might think nothing happens there, but you are going to be surprised.

You might think these guys can keep it to themselves for a couple of minutes, well they can’t! This guy couldn’t either because half way through his tanning session he started jacking off his dick. We knew this guy was going to be fun since we first saw his entering the salon. He turned his head after every ass that passed him and not in a very subtle way. So once he got in the room we knew that was going to do something and that’s why everyone was checking out his cameras. We were right because after he took off his clothes he started jerking off his dick and that wasn’t enough for him because he did it again while he was tanning too. Another great one!

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Fantasy Land

You are not dreaming! Czech GAV did it again! What you are seeing here actually exist and we have a little preview for you guys, just to show how things work around here. This is basically a place where you can do whatever you want to without any explanations. You get inside, pay the entrance and right after the corner there’s a room filled with asses and dicks waiting to get sucked and fucked. You have a little picture above each hole to see how your guy looks like. There aren’t any rules so you can do want you what with how many guys you want.

You can either suck some dick, fuck some asses everything is at your disposal. Now you understand why this is called fantasy, you can’t find anything better than this. Our guy was there for the first time and although it was a bit weird fucking a guy you don’t even see, he got used to it pretty fast. He wasn’t the only there but everyone minded their own business, focusing only on the ass in front of them. He got his dick sucked and then fucked a couple of asses. What the guys don’t know is that the room is filled with hidden cameras and we have so many juicy czechgav updates for you guys. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time with more!

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Gay Casting Lukas

As you already know, czechgav tries to find the hottest guys for you. These castings are usually a good place to find new guys and to test their limits. Once they are there it’s pretty clear that they want a part in a movie, so they are up to anything. This was also the case today with Lukas. He’s young, slim guy with deep brown eyes. He was looking for a job and he’s in the right place. During his short interview, he mentioned that he likes sex and wild parties without boundaries.

But one we heard that he likes sucking dicks, we had to test him. So we asked our cameraman to takes off his clothes and while he was talking, Lukas just couldn’t stop staring at his big dick. After we finished the interview he asked if he could suck off his 23cm cock. Everyone knew that this wasn’t going to end only with a blowjob so we kept the cameras rolling. Lukas then had to test it up his ass! Today’s episode is a juicy one so enjoy the wild ride! See you next time with more steamy scenes!

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Czech GAV Massage

After a hard day of work, everyone needs to relax and unwind so they go for a massage. Well, this parlor is not like the other ones, because here they really take care of their clients, blowjobs, rimming and ass fucking, all of it included in the same price. Now, this is an offer you can’t really turn down! Although everyone knew what kind of parlor this is, our guy didn’t have even the slightest idea of what he was getting into. He just saw a lot of people going in and out of the place, so he thought they were really good at massaging. After a few days of seeing a lot of people there, he made an appointment for himself.

He got there, the receptionist sent him to one of the room and there’s where all the magic started. The masseur asked him to fully undress in the cabin so they could start their session. The guy was soo good, soft touch, amazing moves but that was only the beginning because once he got oily all over his hands he didn’t stop anymore and went under the towel too. It was the best massage of his life, he got his dick jacked off, sucked and then got to fuck the hot masseur too. Now he understood why there were so many guys at this place all day long. This was a massage he surely won’t forget too soon so hopefully, we’ll see him back with another time!

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Broke Czech Gay Couples

Don’t you just love these broke guys? They would literally do anything for money! Czech GAV brought you one of their latest updates and in this one, we found three broke czech guys willing to fuck for some extra cash. We were in the same pub and we had the table next to them. From what we got, all three of them were into guys, so we picked the perfect table. The guys were speaking so loud that it was impossible to ignore them and that’s how we found out that the guys were having some financial problems.

We sent them a round of beers on us, to ease us into the discussion and the guys were kind enough to invite us to their table. We told them that we were new in town and we wanted to have some fun, but what really caught their interest was when we told them that money isn’t a problem. They tried to seem indifferent to the offer, but they needed the money too. So we left the pub together and went to our hotel room to test the guys out. We must admit they did a hell of a job sucking off our dicks and then taking them up their asses in front of a camera. They weren’t too happy about the camera but for the right number, they agreed to that too. But leaving all details aside, these Czech guys really know how to please a guy!

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