Czech GAV Massage

After a hard day of work, everyone needs to relax and unwind so they go for a massage. Well, this parlor is not like the other ones, because here they really take care of their clients, blowjobs, rimming and ass fucking, all of it included in the same price. Now, this is an offer you can’t really turn down! Although everyone knew what kind of parlor this is, our guy didn’t have even the slightest idea of what he was getting into. He just saw a lot of people going in and out of the place, so he thought they were really good at massaging. After a few days of seeing a lot of people there, he made an appointment for himself.

He got there, the receptionist sent him to one of the room and there’s where all the magic started. The masseur asked him to fully undress in the cabin so they could start their session. The guy was soo good, soft touch, amazing moves but that was only the beginning because once he got oily all over his hands he didn’t stop anymore and went under the towel too. It was the best massage of his life, he got his dick jacked off, sucked and then got to fuck the hot masseur too. Now he understood why there were so many guys at this place all day long. This was a massage he surely won’t forget too soon so hopefully, we’ll see him back with another time!

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